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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Beauty: exploring HA masks and rose and violet delights

We need more rose! Is This Mutton? reviews Argan Moroccan Rose day cream
This month I've been trying another hyaluronic acid face mask, a rose scented day cream from the supermarket, the Marks and Spencer Summer Box and two products I'd never thought of trying - mainly because I perceive them as "too cheap"!

First, I was so impressed with Argan Moroccan Rose Soothing Hand Wash (I wrote about it here) that I snapped up the Age Protect day cream when I saw it in Waitrose. It was a lot cheaper than my normal moisturizers (my all-time favourite is Charlotte's Magic Cream, at £75). But it's not really for me.

The long lasting rose scent of the hand wash was hardly apparent in the day cream - probably because a lot of people don't like the smell of rose, but I wanted a blast of rose. The cream itself is very light and disappears immediately. If you have normal skin and you're 20 to 30 years younger than me, it's probably going to be great for you.  I need a richer formulation which provides more of a luscious bed for makeup.
How good is the Decleor Aroma White C brightening foaming cleanser? Is This Mutton tries it out.

Decléor Aroma White C Brightening Cleansing Foam

I've been using a different morning cleanser every time I buy a new one. I like Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm but at £39 I think it's expensive and doesn't really leave my skin looking any better than the other products I've been trying this year.  I like a foaming cleanser to use in the shower and feared this one, by Decléor, might be a bit too astringent for my dry skin.

It's a creamy cleanser to help regulate pigmentation and restore radiance to dull skin. It's quite thick so you have to squeeze hard to get it through the top, and has a peculiar smell, reminiscent of artichokes I would say, although there are none in the mix. It leaves my skin squeaky clean, which I like - a primed canvas ready for subsequent unguents. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. It stings big time! £26 from Decleor, where it is currently out of stock - always a good sign.**
Is This Mutton? reviews two products from the Marks and Spencer Summer Box 2017, an Eyeko waterproof mascara and an illuminating potion from Studio 10

Favourites from the Marks and Spencer Summer box

These were my two favourites from the Marks and Spencer Summer Box, which was £10 when you spent £30 or more on clothes or cosmetics. The Eyeko Sport Waterproof mascara is an extremely good mascara. Last month was extolling the virtues of L'Oréal Baby Roll mascara  (like buses, good mascaras come along in pairs) so I wore both mascaras on the same day, different eye. By the end of the day, the Baby Roll had transferred a little under the lower lashes but the Eyeko was still going strong. Travel size is £10 from Space NK, full size for £19 from Eyeko.

Studio 10 is a brand aimed at older women. Youth Lift Glow-Plexion is described as a "Truly unique, multi-tasking primer, radiance creme, illuminator and highlighter in one bottle"  (or a 15ml tube in this case). It's nice when you have a tan, but when I first used it (without a tan) it gave me a bit of an ashy look. I don't use it all over my face but as a highlighter. I felt I'd used better highlighters. You can buy it from Studio 10 for £26, Marks and Spencer or QVC.
A cheap shampoo that delivers: Touch of Silver shampoo is reviewed by Is This Mutton? and works beautifully to neutralise brassy tones in highlighted hair

Two cheaper products that surprised me 

I used the ProVoke Touch of Silver brightening shampoo when I got back from Greece and my highlights were looking a bit brassy. I wasn't able to get them refreshed for a couple of weeks. The shampoo worked like a dream. Just one wash and my highlights were a creamy colour again. It's as cheap as chips (£2.50 at Wilko for 150ml!) and for me was better than the more expensive John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo. It can be used on white, grey and silver hair too: the violet tone neutralises any brassiness. This shanpoo was a pleasant surprise because normally if something is cheap I assume it won't be any good. Same with Bio-Oil.
Bio-Oil was a product Is This Mutton? had never tried but in July's review it gets a glowing writeup for improving dehydrated and ageing skin
I've heard a lot of people talking about Bio-Oil and how good it is for stretch marks and scar improvement, but I didn't think it would be very effective at that price (prices start from £7.07 on Amazon for 60ml). However, when I heard someone say it's very good for ageing and dehydrated skin, I was in Boots faster than you could say "Boots."

I really am seeing an improvement in the crepey decolletage area, which is mainly where I've been using it. I am also using it on the many scars I have on my arms, caused by taking things out of the oven. It's a bit of a wonder product because it has so many uses. I'm not too keen on the smell, which is hard to describe. But that's a small price to pay for plumped up skin.
Not a flattering look but do they work? Is This Mutton tries the Boots Sheer Hyaluronic sheet mask

Boots Sheet Hyaluronic Face Mask

Finally, as I deprived you of a photo of me wearing the ChinUp mask, (Wendy, this is for you). I've treated you to a photo of me wearing one of the very popular hyaluronic sheet face masks. This one is by Boots.

I'm not very good at applying these things - on Instagram everyone seems to get them arranged so they're perfectly smooth. Maybe it's the shape of my face. You carefully unfold the mask from the sachet and spread it over your fizzog. Leave it for 10 mins and then massage the remainder into your skin. It had an immediate effect of plumping and smoothing the skin, but it was very short lived. Perhaps for £2.50 that's to be expected. You see - it's very hard to shake off those misconceptions!
Review of beauty products for July 2017 on Is This Mutton including Boots Sheer Hyaluronic sheet face mask
Sharing this post with Claire Justine Wednesday blog hop and Saturday Share at Not Dressed as Lamb.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you happily use cheap products or do you also assume they won't work? Do tell.

** News Update. The brightening cleanser from Decleor is a little too effective at brightening so I am not using it for a while. Someone said that I was very fair skinned - and I thought eh? But then I saw a photo and I looked like a ghost. So I think I will be re-buying Emma Hardie Moringa balm after all.

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  1. Look at you, even beautiful with the facemask on! I always love post like this to introduce me to new products!

  2. Mostly, like you, I assume cheap equals won't be very effective, but I'm interested to see that you are experimenting with budget ranges. I've heard the Bio Oil is brilliant for scars, interesting you mentioned an odd smell, will have to check it out.

  3. Super post - but you're a hard act to follow, Gail. Just when I was brave enough to post a bare face, you've gone and raised the bar again ... facemask face! I'm getting hubby to write me a "get out of p.e." note on this one, as I don't use facemasks.
    Now, argan oil. I bought the handwash you recommend and the matching hand lotion, for our en suite. Lovely! My hands felt beautifully pampered, so I bought sets for the other bathrooms too. Thanks for that, you've now got me totally hooked on an expensive new habit!!
    I don't like thick creams on my face and prefer a light lotion, so maybe that argan oil moisturiser is for me. I'll give it a whirl when my current Clarins freebies run out and I'll report back!

    1. Wow I'm dumbfounded that someone has taken my advice!! But aren't those rose hand products lovely. Glad you liked them Mary.

  4. I keep forgetting to treat myself to face masks. I really need to start looking after my face more though. Thanks for sharing at The Wednesday blog hop.

  5. Such great products, The shampoo sounds lovely!

    Gemma x

  6. Lovely products, they all sound super. Well done with the face mask - I felt strange wearing the Chinup Mask! Lol. Jacqui

    1. Ah but you cracked face mask glamour Jacqui by wearing a lovely robe!


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