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Monday 17 July 2017

Styling a floral skirt

Make sure your floral skirts look contemporary by adding an up-to-date top, maybe with statement sleeves or off-the-shoulder. Is This Mutton? styles a colourful Boden floral skirt
I love Boden's floral cotton skirts and have several. They're great for easy summer dressing. But on the over-45s they can look a little old-fashioned. You'll see any number of elderly ladies wearing floral skirts, albeit probably not from Boden, along with flat sandals and a plain white t-shirt or sleeveless top.

To make sure your floral skirt looks contemporary, choose a top with the latest look, whether it's asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder or featuring statement sleeves. Then have fun with your accessories, particularly shoes.

I highlighted the blue colour in the skirt with my accessories and the red colour with my top. Cinching my waist works for my shape - I'm using a blue belt which was known as "the Gok Wan" when he had that TV show telling women what to wear. When he gave larger ladies makeovers, they were inevitably hiding themselves under loose clothes and he always told them this made them look larger, and recommended these partially elasticated belts.  It's very true. The necklace was another of my great Etsy buys - I love that site!
Statement sleeves, a waist cinching belt and a stunning glass necklace bring drama to a Boden floral skirt. As featured on Is This Mutton?
 This Virginia Creeper will soon be a sight to behold when it goes red in the autumn.
Choose one of the colours to highlight in a floral skirt and use it for  your accessories.

Cinching your waist really works with a skirt that hasn't got a very defined waist. This one is part leather, part elasticated.

Close-up of Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon in an article showing how to style a floral skirt to give it a contemporary edge
 The lippy is by Boots No 7, Soft Paprika.
Molly Hanlon, the cat owned by Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon
The photographer's assistant, Molly, faithfully following me around.

Outfit Details

Skirt, Boden (past season) - check out their lovely Richmond skirts here. Red top, F&F at Tesco. Denim wedges, Marks and Spencer, past season. Cobalt necklace, Sacred Cake at Etsy. Clutch, Accessorize. Belt: Julian Carter, buy here.

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  1. I used to love watching the Gok programmes! And Trinny and Suzanna! Love the T-shirt Gail. I was looking at something similar the other day. A great look, and I agree about the belt xx

    1. I may buy another belt, I'd forgotten how good they are at pulling an outfit together.

  2. Great look, not even a tiny bit of mutton. Love the accessories, and of course dear Molly. xox


    1. She does like to photo bomb! Thanks for the visit Patti.

  3. Super floral skirt - I love it. Great colour mixing Gail, my kind of style. Jacqui

  4. A super fresh summer outfit, love how you've picked out those colours and LOVE that belt! I'd forgotten about Gok and yes, the belt was to Gok what the hoisting of the bra was to Trinni and Susanne. Must get me an elasticated belt ...

    1. Bring back Gok! (Actually- don't!). Thanks for the visit Mary.

  5. This color combo just pops...so GORGEOUS!!

  6. You're right about these Boden skirts Gail. They do need a bit of pepping up to stop them looking a bit middle aged. We may be middle aged, but that doesn't mean to say we want to advertise it! I love the pop of blue here as well as that clever belt to give your lovely figure definition. A great look!

    Anna x

  7. You did a great job styling this skirt. That belt is beautiful and I love that you added it over the blouse. I am a huge fan of red+white+blue and I am sharing two outfits in these colors on my blog, right now. Welcome by and join my linkup too. A brand-new one just went live yesterday.


    Thanks and enjoy the weekend! <3 Ada.

  8. That skirt is fabulous! This is such a gorgeous color combo! I'm also loving your belt!

    Doused In Pink

  9. Hi just found your blog, I love the summer skirts.


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