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Monday 21 August 2017

Plenty of Pearls

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton showcases a glamorous outfit for the over 40 woman: black velvet trousers and a top embellished with pearls
There were lots of pearls in clothes on the Autumn/Fall/Winter catwalks and I love them,  so I snapped up this Zara pearl embellished jumper (sweater) as soon as I saw it. Zara has a lot of new arrivals with pearls on them, including a very nice frock coat (below) which I have my beady eye on!

I've just bought some more faux pearls so layered them up with my other necklace. I took two sets of photos: the first were with a new skirt, which is a big disappointment. I will probably be adding it to Nancy and Shelbee's Bad Buys Book. I saw it online and fell in love with the trumpet shaped hem. But readers, it is such an unforgiving fabric! I had to resort to the dreaded Spanx and even so there's no smooth line.

I quickly took some more photos today but in traditional UK summer style it's raining, so had to do them indoors. I wore a new pair of "velvet" trousers from Next which I got in the sale, plus new hounds tooth shoes from Amazon.
A short sleeved top embellished with pearls is just the right weight for transitioning from summer to autumn/fall

Is This Mutton features a glamorous evening look for women over 40 with velvet trousers and a pearl embellished top

Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton in trumpet hem skirt and pearl embellished top

Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon in a selfie showcasing new chunky pearl necklace and pearl embellished top from Zara

Outfit Details

Faux pearl studded top, Zara
Trumpet hem skirt, Jane Norman
Black velvet trousers, Next, sold out 
Gold mules, Marks and Spencer 
Leopard print clutch bag, Next, sold out 
Chunky faux pearl necklace, Oliviadivine at Etsy
White clutch, Asos, sold out
Black and white check shoes, Banned Moss Garden Hound heels, Amazon (clearance)

More clothes and accessories with pearls:

A strriking black frock coat embellished with a pearl collar from Zara
Frock coat with enbellished pearl collar, £59.99, Zara
Pearl trim Bardot top, £30, River Island

Lipsy Pearl Neck Ruffle Sleeve Blouse, £30, Next 

Pearl effect clutch bag, £60, Next


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  1. What a shame about the skirt Gail. It looks so good on you in the pic. I'm glad pearls are back. I want a good excuse to get mine out again. I have those M&S mules. The weather has been so grotty I haven't worn them yet. I've been wearing my Dune flats instead. Good choice with the jumper. Perfect for Autumn x

    1. I've had good wear from the gold mules, they were quite comfortable!

  2. It's lovely to see pearls in style again. And you look wonderful in these outfits, I adore those black-and-white shoes! Thanks for linking up, XO


    1. Have always adored pearls! Thanks for the link up Patti.

  3. Shame the skirt didn't work out as it looks great on you. Is it lined? love the litte jumper anyway, it's perfect for you. Must check out what Zara is up to. X.

    1. It's not lined Mary, I think that may be the problem as it's very clingy. Thanks for the visit.

  4. I rather like that skirt Gail, it does look super on you. I haven't seen any of the new styles yet, but I'll be checking them out from next week, I've been concentrating on my wedding outfit. x Hope you're well Gail.x Jacqui

  5. You should reconsider that skirt Gail. It looks great on. I think so, but you're the one wearing it I guess. You must already know that I'm a huge fan of pearls. Looking forward to wearing extra on items of clothing. but dreading the up keep of special cleaning! xx

    1. The cleaning is a huge drawback....I remember a previous pearl jumper which was hardly ever worn!

  6. I like the skirt too! I am a sucker for all things black and white classic and this ensemble is an absolute gem! You look spectacular!

  7. love your outfit! the pearls are so pretty! You should check out my sunday style link up!

  8. What a shame you're disappointed with the skirt because it looks great. I find a lot of things from Jane Norman are made from quite unforgiving fabric, and they run small. I have a top that looks ok in photos but I wouldn't want to wear it all day, even in a size 12 it's too tight across the bust. I love your pearl embellished jumper from Zara and those shoes are gorgeous!

    Emma xxx

  9. Aw, reading about the skirt. My eyes went right there! Love the trumpet skirt on you. Beautiful pearl sweater and love the additional pearls with this look. I have a few cardi sweaters with jewel embellishment.
    Thanks for linking
    !jess xx

  10. Oh, it is too bad about the skirt because it is so lovely. I know if you don't feel comfortable in something it doesn't really matter how cute it is, though. Your pearl embellished sweater is beautiful and looks great with your velvet trousers and striking shoes!

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!



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