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Sunday 28 January 2018

Lilac Coat and Purple Blouse

Image showing  a woman with blonde hair over 45 wearing a long wool coat in lilac

I wrote recently about the "colour of the year," ultra violet, and it has inspired me to look for two of my favourite shades, lilac and purple. Ultra violet itself is close to cobalt blue, a colour which does little for me. But it's easy enough to find shades that suit you, for any colour. And ice-cream colours of all hues are big news for spring.
If you're a lilac lover, it's not always an easy colour to find, except in bridesmaid's and prom dresses, and occasionally sportswear. So I jumped on this lilac coat from Marks and Spencer when I saw it, even though I don't really need another coat.

This one is a size 12 and I would advise sizing down, unless you like the big cocoon look. I prefer my coats a little more tailored. It feels very soft and luxurious, as if it has cashmere, but in fact it's 52% wool and 48% polyester.

Image showing a woman over 45 wearing a long wool coat in lilac with purple draped shoulder blouse and silver shoes

Image showing the back of a woman in long wool lilac coat and silver cone heeled shoes.

I'm wearing the coat with a purple blouse, also from Marks and Spencer;  it has a drape shoulder detail which I was mistakenly wearing at the front. It's a detail I could have done without, as I would have preferred to wear a scarf or necklace  (it's not a very flattering neckline on an over-45s woman) but with the shoulder detail, it would have looked over-the-top.  I also wore my silver pleather pencil skirt and silver shoes, last seen here. Lilac goes especially well with grey and silver.

Image showing an over 40s woman in ice cream colours for spring 2018: lilac and purple.

My tights are silver lurex, which is a bit of fun. Below: look no hands! I had draped the coat over my shoulder but it looks as if I'm wearing it and my hands have disappeared.

Image showing a garden shot of an over 45 woman in lilac wool coat, silver pleather pencil skirt and purple draped shell top.

My hunger for purple is assuaged; I found a couple of pieces in Marks and Spencer yesterday and I'm still looking for boots and a bag  (let me know if you see something!).

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Coat, Marks and Spencer;  blouse, Marks and Spencer;  skirt, Next;  shoes, Asos;  tights, Gipsy.

Join me on Thursday for the latest installment in the Birthstone of the Month series: the amethyst. It goes well with these colours!


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  1. Hi Gail, I think that colour is great and suits you very well. The coat is so stylish but agree it's quite capacious! I have to be careful myself as even though I'm reasonably tall some coats look like dressing gowns on me! You have such a good eye for shoes - these silver shoes are just lovely.

    1. I might change it for a smaller size though I think it's supposed to be roomy. The silver shoes are lovely but sadly not "day shoes" - they're for special occasions with no walking!

  2. This looks so soft and luxurious Gail. I love the colour on you and it works so well with the silver.

  3. It's a gorgeous colour Gail, perhaps the lighter lilac of the coat is more you, so pretty on you. I noted the silver shoes! Love the tights. You look stunning.
    But I guess this pretty coat didn't join you on your woolly meet up, sorry, mutton up in London! Hugs, x.

  4. It's a beautiful coat. M&S do do well with their styles don't they. You are so right. That silver skirt and shoes do go well with the lilac.


    1. Thanks Anna. I think (hope!) the coat will be timeless and last for years. It's not the sort of coat you wear very often but nice to have!

  5. I don't always mind having a coat or two that are bigger sized!! Then I can layer galore under them!!
    This color is so pretty on you, Gail!!

  6. Great coat Gail, and I love how you've matched it with silver. I've featured violet on the blog today, although just a smidgen in a tunic blouse, but still a pretty colour none-the-less. x Hope you're well Gail. x Jacqui

  7. This is such a beautiful colour Gail, it looks great on you. Love your coat :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, hope to see you on Wednesday for our next blog hop :)

  8. Wow I love the color so much! It looks wonderful on you and the silver shoes are the perfect match! I just bought a coat, which i didn't need, but the sale was too good :-)
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  9. I am looking for and finding more purple everywhere. Contemplating getting a pair of Poetic Licence booties with ultraviolet trim just so I can try the color out. My PC loves purple and would love your outfit. The purple and silver work beautifully paired together.

  10. Oops my comment of a few days ago has ethered itself, so I'll keep this one short. Looking lovely in lilac, Gail, and the colour does suit you. Hugs, x.

  11. Beautiful coat Gail! Quite an unusual colour too - I'm surprised we're not seeing more purple and lilac filter through to the high street yet. Combining it with the metallic skirt and shoes looks lovely. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  12. Wow!! I love the color of this coat! It pairs so well with you- eyes, complexion, everything! It reminds me of a summer garden in winter- what a perfect joy to wear during the colder months. I just found your blog with this post and I'm so glad I did. :)


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