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Sunday 8 April 2018

Trying it on: Jumpsuits

Over 40s blogger Is This Mutton? in black v-neck crepe jumpsuit from Whistles, SS18

I've never had a jumpsuit. They've always struck me as vaguely problematic, requiring strapless bras, fake tan and an endless search to find one where the waist is in the right place and the trousers aren't making my legs look short.

I thought it would be good to break out of my comfort zone and see if I could find a good one. I have two weddings this summer and I've started to look for outfits. But, I asked myself, are jumpsuits even still a thing?
The answer is Yes: a quick search on Asos  (my go-to site to see what's currently trendy) revealed dozens of jumpsuits, with the most fashionable having cropped or ankle-length trousers (pants). They weren't all sleeveless: some had long or short sleeves.

Image showing over 45s blogger Gail Hanlon in black crepe jumpsuit from Whistles. S

This was the most expensive one I tried, from Whistles, at £165. It has a zip up back with a partly elasticated waist, and I liked the length of the trousers and the neckline. I was less keen on the pockets (particularly a ludicrous pocket on the bum!) as you can't resist putting your hands in them, which suddenly makes it more utilitarian. It also came up quite big and was a bit baggy around the waist. So it was a No from me. Jumpsuit: Whistles from Next;  sandals, last year; red Seduction  necklace, Eternal Collection.

Image showing an over 40s woman wearing a black wrap jumpsuit with a black tee shirt underneath.

This one, from Asos, was the best fit with a button pulling me in at the waist. I liked the length too. But it was extremely low cut so I wore a black tee underneath. This instantly made it look like a boiler suit. I'm sure you could put something on that was more alluring, but to me a lacey camisole or a pussy bow blouse would look too much like "trying too hard." What  do you think? Maybe a very thin, fine lurex or gassato cashmere top would work?

Wrap jumpsuit with horn button and culotte legs Asos; t-shirt, Ted Baker (last season); polka dot sling back shoes, Miss Selfridge.

Image showing an over 40s woman in a black jumpsuit with leopard print bag and red necklace.

This was another very low-cut number, and the jumpsuit I liked the least. The material is a forgiving jersey and it was easy to pull on, plus there's a separate belt. It seems more like a winter jumpsuit with the long sleeves and long length trousers. However, when I looked at the picture of the model wearing it, it actually has three-quarter length trousers on her, which looks far more modern. She must be more than six feet tall. On me it looks a bit dated, and there's no way I'd wear it with The Girls on show. See below!! Eeek. Jersey jumpsuit with batwing sleeves, Asosred and black boots, Lotus, AW17; red necklace as before.

Finally my wild card. Originally I planned to try only black jumpsuits. Still in a comfort zone. But then I threw caution to the wind and added two patterned ones to the order. The first, in red and white stripes, was so unbelievably hideous I didn't photograph it. All I will say is that I gained two stone and the Titanic wanted its deckchairs back. But the second patterned jumpsuit, from Next, was a pleasant surprise.

mage showing over 40s blogger Gail Hanlon wearing a floral jumpsuit with lace insert from Next, styled with chunky pearls and gold mule sandals.

I don't really do florals, not even for spring, but I think this would be a good look for a wedding. The jumpsuit is in a pleasingly substantial feeling fabric, and there's a pretty lace insert at the back as well as at the waist. I paired it with last year's gold mules and a white clutch, plus pearls, but if I was styling it for one of my weddings, I might try a bright colour for my accessories.

The only thing I don't love about this jumpsuit is the fact the waist is in slightly the wrong place for me. If it was a little lower, I think it would be more flattering. As it is, it makes me look straight-waisted and wide. The legs are also a bit too wide for me. But I'm sure you'll all say this is the best one. What do you think?  Lace insert jumpsuit, Next; gold mules and white bag, last year.

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  1. You certainly made the right decision. I can see that at a wedding, maybe picking out that bright blue and adding those blue kitten heels also for Next (remember?). Or 40s style, big hat and appropriate platforms heels. Or casual with sandals, a straw hat and bag. And just about ANYTHING. I'm getting excited FOR you!
    I avoid things when I know a workaround is essential, like adding a cami. BTW, have you checked out the Next lace trimmed camisole?
    Hugs, x.

    1. Now you're making me excited Mary! I remember those blue kitten heels - will check to see if they're still in stock. And take a look at their camisoles!

  2. You've been reading my mind! I've been wondering about jumpsuits ever since my daughter in law dressed her bridesmaids in them last year. Maybe I need to actually stop wondering and trying a few on - I think you look fab in the floral one, it would be perfect for a wedding.

  3. It's a good thing to step out of your comfort zone as this one is so very elegant on you. I don't think the waist should be lower at all. And the mules you choose to wear with it are perfect! Great choice Gail!

    1. Aargh. I knew you would all like it but I sent it back! Hope I don't regret that!

  4. So having read your comment we have another jumpsuit post to look forward to. If in doubt and it seems you were in doubt. Still you can re-order if you regret the return.

    1. There are a couple of short listed dresses :-)

    2. I loved jumpsuits in the 80's when I was a teenager, but the few I have tried on now just don't seem to work for me. I am leaving them in the 80's. Thanks for sharing. Lise

    3. That's a good point Lise because when you look at jumpsuits from places like Asos, the sizing is for a 20-something size 12, say, rather than, a 50-something size 12. So best to stick with brands like Whistles or those who cut with the more mature woman in mind.

  5. I love the floral...and you sent it back!! x

  6. This would be second time around for me too with jumpsuits. The floral one looked great. The wide legs were reminiscent of culottes. I could see it at a wedding. Shame the waist wasn’t right.

    1. It is a shame, I can see why everyone likes it. But even if I lose a few pounds, I think the waistline would still not be quite right. It's not so visible in the photos shown. Thanks for the visit Catherine!

  7. I really loved the floral one, I think you could easily dress it down too for everyday.

    Have a great week

    Gemma x

  8. I do like a jumpsuit and have quite a few to my name, always on the lookout for more though! Love the floral last one Gail, it really does suit you, but I know what you mean if it's not right, it probably never will be. Hope to see you on the #linkup on Thursday Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  9. I thought the first jumpsuit was cute but the last one gets my vote, too. Haven't worn a jumpsuit in years. Afraid these days I wouldn't be able to get it off fast enough in the bathroom!! How sad is that reality?

    The floral jumpsuit looks beautiful on you. Like a bit of your garden in a fashion statement. Those chunky pearls are perfect with it. I am thinking some strappy pinkish or blue sandals would add a pop of color but your metallic shoes are very elegant.

    And finally, YOUR COMPLEXION! Gorgeous, creamy skin!

    1. I didn't think about the bathroom thing but the faff of having to get out of a jumpsuit is definitely another reason why they're not such an easy option! Thanks for your lovely comments dear Leslie.

  10. Wow you look great in a jumpsuit! I am a floral girl and really love that style! I also love the cropped wider legs. The colorful print is beautiful!It looks so good on you and I love the pearls touch!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  11. I think you look great in jumpsuits and yes, I think the floral one looks best on you. Maybe it's just the piccies but I don't think there's a problem with the width or the waist! x

  12. Gotta say this...your "gals" look tremendous! I'd be tempted to show them off everywhere if they were mine! Ha!

    I did love the floral jumpsuit. The colours and print were so pretty and suited you but I'm sure you'll find something you love even more for the weddings.


  13. I'm a big fan of jumpsuits but the black ones do leave me cold I'm afraid Gail. The floral one, despite your misgivings looks wow, so I'd say go with that.

    Anna x

  14. Sorry to say it Gail but yes the last one looks the best. It looks fantastic on you. I also like the second one and like the lurex idea. The first one looks great on too. A lot could be added to that for different looks.
    Laurie xx

  15. How can you not oogle over that floral one, Gail? It's so much more interesting than the black ones, and it may not feel like it fits right---but it sure doesn't look like it!!


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