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Thursday 5 July 2018

Sentence a Day: June 2018. A heatwave!

Women in their 20s, 30s, 50s and 60s at a wedding in Herts, UK, in June 2018
Friday 1 June
Worked at home. Got a lot done. Sun came out pm. 3 parcels including Cult Beauty 10th anniversary birthday gift box.

Sat 2
Shopping and garden centre. Bought 2 scabious, 2 heucheura, compost.

Sun 3
Walked to gym. Roast chicken. Planted heuchs. Went to see step daughter's new flat. Ran out of time to do a lot.

Mon 4
In office. Cloudy and cool.  Back home, blackbirds sitting on eggs in nest.

Tues 5
Had hair done. Blackbirds hatched. J had tooth out.

Weds 6
Stressy day at work preparing for a big 2 day meeting next week.

Thurs 7
Worked at home. Published SAD for May - read it here.

Fri 8
At home. Molly my cat gave me a mouse. She's 14, so good on her! Started watching Dietland on Amazon Prime. Didn't like it.

Sat 9
Our niece Sam's wedding. Glorious day. Held at a beautiful country house hotel. Free standing bath! I wore my "Amal Clooney" yellow (or tangerine, as it's described on the website) dress. Here I am with my sisters-in-law, step daughters-in-law (pic at top).

Sun 10
Stayed overnight at the wedding hotel, and were down first for breakfast. Sunny day. We were home by 10.30.

Mon 11
Start of a tough week with  four consecutive days in the office and four early starts. Our eighth wedding anniversary - we recreated this picture at Saturday's wedding:

Tues 12
Long day started at 5.30am and ended at 10.40pm. After work had a team dinner at Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant in Cambridge. The jasmine tea looked very pretty!
Weds 13
Lovely drive in countryside to barn for all day planning meeting.
Thurs 14
Meeting was in the office today. My turn to present. Around 50 people in the room. Went well!

Fri 15
Tired and glad to be working at home. Blackbird chicks in our garden will be fledging soon
Blackbirds soon ready to fledge. Nesting in N North garden, June 2018
Sat 16
The blackbirds fledged! The adults were stressed. Let's hope the fledglings landed in a tree or hedge.

Sun 17
Quiet day, usual gym session. Maxi dress shoot. Js son and wife came round with Father's Day present.

Mon 18
In office. Sunny. Flags are up for the World Cup! Left early to avoid traffic problems, as England were playing Tunisia.  Won 2 - 1.
Cafeteria at a UK tech company displaying flags from World Cup nations, June 2018
Tues 19
Working at home. Sunny. Had a drop from M&S. Liked everything.

Weds 20
At work. Went for a pub lunch to celebrate a recent successful launch. But, sign of the times, we had to pay for ourselves!

Thurs 21
Working at home. Sunny.

Fri 22
Working at home. Sunny. Went to the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A in the evening. Very interesting, particularly to see the personal touches of her life.

Sat 23
Went to the cinema to see The Happy Prince with Rupert Everett, about the life of Oscar Wilde.

Sun 24
Another hot day. Walked to my Power Plate gym. Had a late lunch as England were playing. Beat Panama 6 - 1. Sensational!

Mon 25
At home. Hot. Finished book After the party, Cressida Connolly

Tues 26
In office. Glorious. Walk at lunchtime. Divine scents of roses assailed nostrils

Weds 27
Got train to work. First time I've done this since I started my job ten months ago. It's a lot more expensive and takes an hour longer. Our CMO was over so we had a team dinner at a North Afrcan restaurant. I chose the vegetarian option.
Thurs 28
At home. Sunny. England lost 1 -0 to Belgium. They didn't have to win as they still qualified for the knock out stages, but we all  hoped they'd win.

Fri 29
At home. Sunny. 2.30: gave myself a manicure and pedicure. 3pm: removed the nail polish on my hands. Date night: went to the local pub
Sat 30 
Last day of June, another scorcher. We haven't had any rain for 30 days apparently. Water shortage already in Northern Ireland. Went for a swim in the Serpentine, an open air lido in Hyde Park. There's a mastaba, made of horizontal oil drums, in the middle of the lake.
Image: Pikview.com
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  1. Oh those chicks! So cute! I really love to read al the SAD stories. It's a little peek in everybody's life!

  2. Wow, what a busy month Gail, thanks for sharing Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish


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