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Monday 2 July 2018

TBB asks: Vacations/Holidays

The Blended Blog is using July, a traditional holiday month, to find out what our plans are for the lazy, hazy crazy days of summer. I'll be giving a slightly different perspective as a UK blogger.
1. Will I go on a summer vacation (or holiday in the UK) this year?
Yes! We had a holiday in May, in the north of England, which was a walking holiday; and in September we'll go to the Greek island of Skiathos.  It's not our first time there. Originally I'd booked for a different Greek island, Corfu, but on balance Skiathos has so much going for it we decided to go back again.  You can find out more about this idyllic place in my post from last year. This is what I will typically be doing - watching the ships (note the "call" button by the sun bed to summon a waiter!).
 2. Do nothing but relax, or pack it all in type holiday?
Mr Mutton likes sporty holidays and is cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats in August. I like sightseeing or relaxing holidays.  We compromise by having two holidays a year where we do one or the other. So the Greek holiday is "mine" and is all about relaxing by the sea and going to lovely restaurants.

3. What month do we like to vacation?
Normally we go to Greece in June, and that suits me perfectly because it means my legs get tanned and stay that way throughout the summer.  On the downside, it always seems to coincide with a major football tournament like the World Cup or European Championships. Many holiday evenings have been spent in Greek (or Italian) bars watching England lose. This year we chose May and September as the months for our vacations - both at times "off season" when kids are at school.

4. Cruise: yes or no?
It's a No at the moment. Mr M is not too keen on sight seeing and I don't fancy being exposed to nonstop food all day. It's too hard to lose weight when you get older! But maybe when we are retired.

5. Favourite holiday tradition?
When I was a kid, it was always rushing into the sea, no matter what the weather was like! In those days, holidays were always here in the UK. So it rained a lot.

6.Most memorable vacation/holiday
There are two. One goes back to 1974 and was the first time we ever stayed in a hotel.  I wrote about this quintessential 70s seaside experience in my old blog here. In those days, orange juice was offered as a starter! I used to painstakingly document every detail of those holidays, from drawing the wallpaper to describing what we did, and ate, every day.

The other memorable holiday was a trip to Sri Lanka in December 2003. This was pre-Mr M and was a touring holiday that started in Colombo and then snaked around the island, taking in all the tourist spots (Kandy, Sigiriya, the tea plantations, the elephant orphanage etc). Here I am having a ride on an elephant, on the beach. Of course now I would question doing that, as the poor elephant was probably being exploited.

7. Pack light or pack it all?
I like to pack it all and usually pay for an extra baggage allowance (!). Seeing as we are only going to Greece for a week this time, Mr M will no doubt suggest we share one big suitcase. So I will have to be a bit more disciplined and not take alternative outfits for each evening. Just bikinis, shorts or sundresses for the daytime, and an outfit for each evening  (yes, this is economizing, for me).

8. Hotel, condo or house?
In Europe it's usual to choose between a hotel/resort  (bed and breakfast or all-inclusive) or self-catering, which could be in an apartment,villa, gite (in France) or camping/caravan site. Mr M and I like to go to hotels, ideally just for bed and breakfast so that we can dine out in local restaurants.

9. Favourite things to eat on holiday?
I love Greek moussaka but it's sometimes hard these days to find a genuine version.  We eat a lot of Greek salads too - very healthy and delicious!

10.Warm or cold destinations?
Definitely warm! British summer weather is usually unpredictable which is why I love going to hotter climes.  Having said that, they have had very bad weather in Skiathos this week while we have been basking in temps in the 90s / 30s celcius.

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