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Wednesday 7 October 2020

Glow to Go with Three Make-up Products - and Link Up

 Beauty products added to the regime of over-50s style blogger Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton
My beauty routine changes in autumn as I instinctively fight some of the problems caused to my skin by summer. Today I'm going to tell you about what I'm using now, including a new foundation; and my quick three product makeover. Yes, down from five products! Nothing was gifted for this post. 

The pigmentation on my left cheek is always noticeably worse in the summer, even though I apply as much SP50 as I can. The fact that it reappears  (and largely disappears during winter) is why I haven't sought laser treatment because while it's said to work, the brown marks still return in the summer. 

I saw some good reviews of dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting's Brightly serum which is packed full of the latest "actives" to use the jargon. You're advised to start with half a pump, which I did;  I quickly progressed to a full pump because my skin is already conditioned for retinol and actives.  I didn't feel any tingling, but after a few days I developed some spots on my cheeks. Practically unheard of, but apparently a good sign as it shows the actives are purging the skin.

The serum is formulated more as a cream than a liquid. It's easy to smooth in and soon disappears. You can use it as a serum in the morning and apply make-up over the top. I will stick with it because I usually get good results with products like this for reducing the pigmentation during winter.


I'd also heard good reports about Olaplex No 6, a leave-in styling cream. You only have to mention "leave-in" and I'm looking for the Paypal button. One of the banes of my life, irrationally, is having to use conditioner after shampoo. The Olaplex is not my no 1 choice.  I prefer Color Wow Dream Coat, which styles my hair beautifully and doesn't add weight or oil. I also rate the Aveda Damage Remedy, shown in the picture. Both of them save me time because I can shampoo without a conditioner. 

Cream Blusher

One of the problems caused by my brown spots and where they are on my face is where to use a blusher. Inevitably, it has to land on the left brown spot, and if it's a powder formulation, it seems to darken the brown spot and make it all the more noticeable. Cream blushers are better, and  I've used them for several years as they're more flattering on older skin. I've just bought a Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick blusher in Las Salinas.  This gives a pretty pink glow which would probably work with most skin tones. I apply it just above the pigmentation. 

Night Cream - yay or nay?

I've never been too impressed with night creams but a sample of Goldfaden MD Regenerative Night Cream convinced me otherwise. Goldfaden, also a dermatologist, created a range of effective plant based products to achieve strong results.  It's absolutely true that with this cream my skin looks more glowy and fresh first thing in the morning. I apply it over the Brightly serum. It's very pricey though.  I had a big reduction when I bought it at Cult Beauty but that big box is housing a miserly 50ml pot. which retails at £140. 

A winning mascara

Finally I added the mascara by Maybelline to a shopping basket when I needed to reach a spend threshold for a gift  (that old trick!), and I'm pleasantly surprised with it.  It builds up the lashes nicely and lasts all day without flaking or imprinting itself on the lower lashes. 

Three Product Makeover 

Before and after: using just three make-up products can make all the difference as over-50s style and beauty blogger Gail Hanlon, from Is This Mutton, demonstrates

Some of you tell me you never wear make-up.  I always do, even if it's just concealer. Make-up makes a huge difference for me, and it doesn't have to be a full face of slap.

In the photo above, I'm showing my bare face on the left, and on the right, after my usual "prep" products (which make a huge difference on their own) and three items of make-up plus lip balm.   I took the photo in the same room but from a different position, although I'm sure you'll agree the "after" is noticeably better.

My three product makeover, after applying a hyaluronic acid serum, moisturizer and eye cream, is:

I had been loyal to a particular foundation for years but suddenly it seemed a bit muddy looking and thick.  Another blogger swears by Clarins foundations and I tried a sample.  I liked it so bought a full size bottle. This foundation is extremely light in texture with a delicate scent, but quite a heavy hitter in terms of concealing pigmentation, dark circles and red patches.  Having applied it with a damp make-up sponge on the areas which need it, I then use my eye pencil as a liner, pulling up the eye lid to apply the pencil to the water mark and pushing it into the eyelashes.  This has a miraculous effect in terms of opening up the eyes without looking at all obvious.  Finally a slick of blusher and my face has a rosy glow.

I've included the link for the eye pencil as I've only seen it at one online retailer in the UK.  The purple shade is perfect if you have grey, blue or green eyes.  I tried the teal shade but weirdly it gives the dreaded panda effect.

I'm also using a lip balm but didn't count that as a make-up product because even make-up haters use those!

Finally nails and cuticles - the bane of my life! My nails have been poor for years, ever since I had acrylic nails back in the early 2020s. I use several different oil and cream cuticle conditioners during the day, but it's an uphill battle, particularly with all the hand sanitizers and hand washing. 

This Margaret Dabbs product is nearly finished and I'll definitely be buying a new one.  It has a strange, but pleasant, smell that reminds me of furniture polish. It makes the nails look instantly hydrated and the effect is long lasting. Margaret Dabbs is a podiatrist whose medical pedicures are in much demand at her salon in Marylebone, London. Her products are on the pricey side but devoid of marketing B-S. Put simply, they work.  You can buy her products from the website or from online retailers including Cult Beauty and Look Fantastic.
Is This Mutton's Gail Hanlon shows how to get your glow with just three make-up products, including a brutal before and an improved after
Have you tried any of these products, or do you have some new discoveries you can share in the comments below?

I've just splurged on some new products from Byredo, Bobbi Brown and Lisa Eldridge, so there'll be another beauty update soon. 

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