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Saturday 7 January 2023

Exciting New Blogger Challenge for 2023:

 "Tell Us About....." A New Global Writing Challenge 

Dear friends.  We are thrilled to announce a new monthly opportunity for bloggers to showcase their creativity. I've been joined by Deb from Deb'sWorld (Australia), Mary Katherine from MK's Adventures in Style (USA),  Penny from Frugal Fashion Shopper (UK) and Jill from Grownup Glamour (Australia) for "Tell Us About....."

On the third Thursday of every month we'll respond to the prompt "Tell Us About XXX" which could be absolutely anything. And how we respond is also wide open.  It could be a blog post with our opinions or reminiscences; a poem,  photos.  

The aim for me is an opportunity to get creative. While I adore fashion and beauty, I'm going to relish the opportunity to write about other topics! 

For our first challenge, on 19 January, we're responding to my prompt of Time.

If you're a blogger who'd like to take part, have your post ready for 19 Jan and alert me on Instagram (@is_this_mutton_) or by email, isthismutton96@gmail.com. We can then include your link in our posts, bringing you to the attention of thousands of new readers.

If there's enough interest over the next few months, we'll add a link-up.

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