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Friday 10 February 2023

10 on the 10th: Loves and Hates


Dear friends. Time for 10 questions on the 10th on the month, set by Marsha from Marsha in the Middle.  I'm glad they're not the usual "ick" questions around Valentine's Day. Instead it's all about our loves and hates. Let's dive in!

1. Tell us about a color you love to wear. Now, tell us about a color you wouldn't wear for a million dollars! 

I'm a bit of a color afficionado, having had my colors done. I find myself getting crushes on different colors every now and then. At the moment, I'm crushing on a color I never thought I would wear in a million years: orange.  This time last year, I was wearing winter colors  (winter in terms of my seasonal color rating), and orange was not on the list. But this week I bought a pre-loved scarf in orange and love how it looks with purple, although I fear it's a bit "Halloween."

As for a color I wouldn't wear for a million dollars, there are many which I know are unflattering to my light and warm toned skin. But it has to be navy blue.  I find it the most depressing color, so virtuous and corporate!  

2. Share a food you loved when you were a little kid, but now you wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

It would have to be ice blocks  (sometimes called ice lollies or ice pops. I think in the US you call them "popsicles?"). As soon as we heard the ice cream van's distant chimes, we'd be out in the road waiting. A Fruity Blu was the cheapest but made your tongue blue.  I liked a Mivvi  (pricey!), an Orange Maid on a hot day, or a Fab. 

Now I hardly ever eat ice cream - I'm just not keen - and I haven't had an ice block since I was a kid. 

3. Is there something you loved to wear once upon a time, but now wouldn't wear it to your worst enemy's wedding? 

The thing that immediately comes to mind is a yellow two-piece I had in 1982. It had a longish skirt, a pie crust neck  (very trendy at the time because of Princess Diana) and puffed sleeves.  My gran gave me the money to buy an outfit for a job interview, and this was what I bought.  Goodness knows how I got the job.  I don't think I ever wore it again.

4. What is the flower you want your significant other to buy you? What flower had better not grace your doorstep? 

My SO never buys me flowers.  I think he did once, when I was ill and he had to do the supermarket shop. He brought back one of those very colorful mixed bunches.  Assuming he had a brainstorm and decided to buy me flowers tomorrow, I would hope they were not red roses because that's such a cliche at this time of year, over priced with a high carbon footprint.   Instead, I would love some tulips, preferably white or yellow. 

5. When you were a kid, was there a food you absolutely detested, but, now you just can't get enough of it?

Several!  As a kid I wouldn't touch broccoli, pears or blue cheese. Now I love all three.

6. Share a book you love, reread, or tell other about it. Now, let's hear about a book you wish had never been written. 

I love a book called "Never No More" by an Irish writer, Maura Laverty. It's about a young girl who spends a lot of time with her beloved gran, learning to cook. There are lots of life lessons along the way. Gran, although sometimes stern and rigid, was kind to people who were often shunned by others. The descriptions of the recipes - boxty in the pan and so on - are so evocative. It's a book that hugs you in a golden embrace.

As for a book that I wish had never been written, it would be American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. Its hatred of women makes me shudder. 

7. Tell us about something your significant other does that makes you go, "awww.." But what does he do that drives you up the wall?  

As I mentioned earlier, I wouldn't ever get flowers or jewels from Mr Mutton. But he does buy me a useful item occasionally.  If he sees me struggling with something on my PC, he remedies it (for example, the wifi wasn't strong in my home office so he worked out a fix). He's bought me "gifts" that include adaptor plugs and a mattock and shovel for the garden.

He drives me up the wall by always leaving cupboard doors and drawers open. 

8. What piece of clothing do you love and cherish? What piece of clothing will never be in your wardrobe again? 

Well this is a tough one because I don't keep clothes for very long. I'll say the one I love is my second wedding dress from 2010. I still have it and could wear it again because it's silver, but I find it a bit long now. 

The piece of clothing that will never be in my wardrobe again is flared jeans.  I'm always trying them, whenever they're said to be back in fashion, but they do nothing for me. 

9. Share the holiday you would celebrate often, even every day if you could! Which holiday would you never celebrate again if you had the choice? 

I love Easter. It's at the best time of the year, the start of spring, when the days get longer and the garden bursts into life with color.  I love the Easter traditions- hot cross buns, chocolate eggs, roast lamb, Simnel cake. 

The one I would never celebrate again: I am less keen on Christmas and regard it as a garish, over-commercialized nuisance. Christmas is very hard on women, and I remember how my mum always had unrealistic expectations for it.  I would be happy to go abroad on holiday and forego Christmas, but John doesn't want to. 

10. Tell us about the modern technological device you'd fight your sister for. But, which device would you toss out the window happily?

I guess I would fight a non-existent sister for my phone. I do like to have the latest model, mainly for the camera which improves every time. I don't like how dependent we are on them however. The device I would throw out of the window is any of those enemies in my kitchen - the juicer, the Nutri Bullet, the spiralizer, the Kenwood Chef. The list is endless and I don't use any of them. 


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