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Monday 27 May 2024

French Girl Style

 #StyleNotAge Challenge 

Dear friends.  It's my turn to set the challenge this month in Style Not Age, and I chose quite a difficult one: French Girl Style.

It's difficult because I like to wear bright colours,  as you know, and French women don't.

I looked on Pinterest to see if I could find inspiration.  These articles were useful.

I decided to create a traditional French formula: blazer, jeans with flats, "button down" shirt and designer sunglasses.

It's not to me a very exciting or creative outfit, but it's typical of the pared-down style of dressing that French women like.

They would probably wear ballet flats instead of my embellished flats, and their jeans are usually straight leg and a mid blue wash. 

It's a look I must admit is very effective when you want to look chic and casual without appearing "try too hard," or standing out. 

I'd planned to wear my very old but loved MaxMara black jacket, but it's missing  (must be in the loft) so I substituted it with a lilac blazer from Cotton Traders, current (gifted).  It's probably too colourful for a French woman! My jeans are the Sienna straight leg from M&S.  Blouse, M&S, and flats, Next, both old. My prescription Gucci sunglasses are new, from Boots. 

I tried to achieve a groomed French look with red lipstick (Lisa Eldridge Atomic Cherry) and hair behind ears!

Let's see how my style friends got on. Anna from Anna's Island Style did some research and came up with cowboy boots and ruffles as the recent French fashion influences resulting in a sensational  monochrome look. Her cream jacket is from Jack Wills, skirt is from Vinted, as are the boots. The belt was a charity shop find. The bag was passed on from Anna's daughter.   I love the skirt! 

Hilda from Over the Hilda also did her research and read that cashmere, slingbacks and cross body bags are very popular in France. She chose red trousers, part of a suit, H&M blazer/jacket and Zara slingbacks.  She's pictured at an event at Intercontinental Dublin, launching their summer dining on the terrace. She dressed warmly as it was freezing. Also wearing light cashmere jumper from Studio 124 in Malahide. 

Emma from Stylesplash  chose a jacket as the starting point for the outfit. It's by The Kooples, a French brand (bought on eBay years ago). She teamed it with a T-shirt from Soul Sisters, jeans from Mango, mules from River Island and vegan leather bag by LaBante. Emma finished the look with a scarf that belonged to her stepmother's mother who was French. When she died her stepmother gave Emma a lot of her scarves and this is one of her favourites. Très chic!

Jacqui from Mummabstylish has a sophisticated colour blend much loved  by French women. 

I hope you enjoyed our interpretations of French Girl Style.  Do you admire this type of look?  Do let us know in the comments. You'll find more pics at the different blogs.

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  1. Love all the looks Gail. The jacket is a stunner, you’ll get so much use from this Jacqui

    1. Thanks Jacqui, lovely looks across the board! x

    2. Love the looks from you Gail and the other ladies, when I lived in Paris France 1968 to 1970 the styles were so formal, I have a few photos to make you laugh so perhaps if we do a KW meet-up I will bring them. Generally nowadays when I go to France they are dressed mostly like the young are in this country. Personally I like your look as it would be nice just to be smart sometimes rather than feeling overdressed as everyone is mostly underdressed!


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