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Tuesday 23 May 2017

Flowers and Fashionistas

The famous Chelsea Flower Show in London was a riot of colour, and it wasn't just the flowers. I was paying my first visit to the show for 19 years. Sister-in-law Kate and I were disappointed to see the number of show gardens reduced from 17 last year to eight with few of the big name gardeners exhibiting. Have costs become too prohibitive? There was only one garden where you queued and went up  a ramp and looked down. I remember 19 years ago doing that for the all-white Christian Lacroix garden.

Rear view of a gorgeous fuchsia pink jacket and long skirt at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Fantastic styling of a long skirt, orange top and pink jacket by a visitor to the Chelsea Flower Show 2017
In addition to flower snapping, I couldn't resist taking pictures of some of the wonderfully dressed women. This lady was mixing orange and pink to sensational effect.
Arriving at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017, Kate Cooper
 Kate by the entrance with flowers and elephant, in fabulous Fendi shoes (Kate, not the elephant)
Ready for the off: over 50s  blogger Gail Hanlon arrives at the Chelsea Flower Show
It was tricky to know what to wear: it has to start with footwear when you know there's a lot of walking involved. I decided to go with my silver flat boots. It was pleasantly warm but the sun disappeared. Boots: Asos; blue sequinned bag: Pure Collection.
An all-white stand in the pavilion, Chelsea Flower Show 2017
A beautiful white display inside the pavilion. To be honest, the show gardens were a bit of a let down. Lots of naturalistic planting, sometimes in harsh urban settings. I wasn't very inspired by the planting. The artisan gardens had far more in the way of "wow" and ideas. The first picture was my favourite, the Commonwealth War Graves garden, though it wasn't a gold medal winner.
Two ladies in lime green and magenta, Chelsea Flower Show 2017
  Very eye catching combination of lime green and magenta.
Sarah Raven's English cottage garden complete with shed, Chelsea Flower Show 2017
 Sarah Raven's garden drew crowds with its old-fashioned flowers and charm.
TV personality and gardener Sarah Raven from Perch Hill Nurseries
Sarah Raven
Fantastic pearl studded Gucci shoes with a cream ensemble at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017
 No qualms about comfortable footwear here! Shoes: Gucci
Showing how Converse look great in every setting. 
A horse made of horseshoes from an artisan garden, Chelsea Flower Show 2017
A horse made of horseshoes in an artisan garden.
Wearing navy blue with silver, Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton with two Chelsea Pensioners, Chelsea Flower Show 2017
 Me with two redoubtable Chelsea Pensioners.
Ferns and ceiling interest from a display inside the Pavilion at Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Colourful fashionista at Chelsea Flower Show 2017
Great pattern mixing in this brocade jacket
Copper decorations for the trendy 2017 garden
These gold spheres were everywhere - appearing in a garden near you soon! 
A boat is the centrepiece of Welcome to Yorkshire, silver medal winner at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017
The silver medal winning The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden
Lady in light green patterned jacket and beige shoes at the Chelsea Flower Shoe 2017
 Lady in green looked great with the vintage ice cream van in green..
Fashionista dazzles in rose gold shoes, Chelsea Flower Show 2017
A fantastic pair of rose gold shoes!
Shihara Kazuyuki’s ‘Gosho No Niwa garden, Chelsea Flower Show 2017
Shihara Kazuyuki's garden is inspired by the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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  1. This is lovely Gail, I'm featuring a similarish post on Thursday. Such similar ideas, Love all these outfits too. xx Jacqui

    1. Look forward to seeing your post Jacqui! So much to see and photograph.

  2. What a great show both of the flowers and of the outfits!!
    I love your boots, Gail!!

    1. Thanks Jodie they fulfilled the comfort brief! I think I need some Stan Smiths or Converse in my life!

  3. The flower show looks wonderful! I love all the outfits you captured too. Gemma x

  4. Beautiful post: all those charming gardens and charming ladies in stunning outfits! Love the combination of rhombus and polka dot in your look.

  5. I've never been to the flower show. Some lovely photos here Gail and I like how you added some well dressed women. Love that lime green outfit xx

  6. Wow what fabulous pictures! And what a fabulous event. I would love to go some day! Thank you for joining Ladies Who Link Up! Hope you join us next week!
    Cheryl Tucker

  7. I love your pattern mixing and fabulous silver boots! The lady in white wearing those Gucci shoes really pulled out all the stops! I've never been to the Chelsea flower show but I enjoyed the TV coverage.

    Emma xxx


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