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Monday 8 May 2017

The Next bodycon summer dress

Is This Mutton? looks at the regular summer fixture of the Next floral bodycon dress
I noticed online that Next have another "floral bodycon dress" very similar to the one I had last year so I guess this must be a regular fixture in the way that a Boden Fun Skirt is.

Here I am wearing this year's model, being photo bombed by Molly, and below, on Skiathos, last year's version.

These dresses are great for when you're feeling confident and/or willing to wear Spanx (I'm not), because they really highlight every lump and bump. I didn't get much value out of last year's because I only wore it when I'd been off the carbs. Which was er....twice. Very judiciously, on Skiathos I wore it on our second night! It also has quite a low v on the back, which, when I sat down, revealed my bra strap. So that also put me off. I can't bear a dress that makes you fiddle.

The only two things that have changed are the price:  this year the dress is £40 and last year I believe it was £25! - and the size. This year my dress is a 12 and last year it was a 10. But I'm working on that. This year's dress is kinder in that it has sleeves - probably one of the reasons it is more expensive - and it doesn't have the V back.

I'm wearing the dress with the very popular Marks and Spencer block heel gold mules and a necklace from Topshop.  Reader, I decided not to keep the dress for the reason above. I think we can do without dresses that are dictatorial.
Last year's Next floral bodycon dress, 2016, worn on Skiathos

Easy to pack for summer holidays, the Next floral bodycon dress

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  1. An envious figure your showing off there Gail! Love the dress, especially as it's not sleevless. I hate having all my arms on show! xx

    1. It's great how retailers are adding sleeves to more dresses. Do you remember a few years ago when nearly every dress was sleeveless?

  2. Both these dresses are gorgeous on you Gail, I do prefer sleeves though, even if it's only a little cap sleeve. Hope you're well. x Jacqui

  3. These two dresses are so flattering on you! I really like the floral prints!

  4. Your taste in dresses is superb Gail! I would love to wear your dresses!

  5. Well I agree that if you think you can do better then it isn't worth keeping the dress.

    That said I really do love the shape and pattern of the long sleeve dress on you.

    I totally understand not wanting to wear shape wear though. Especially if the fabric is already quite thick.


  6. I love the look of both dresses - but you've gotta be happy and love them. Wonderful pics with the behind you! Thanks for linking, xo


  7. These dresses both look lovely on you! I do love a dress with a longer sleeve though :) I think it's so flattering!

  8. love that body con dress!!! so pretty

  9. This dress looks amazing on you so I'm afraid I can't quite see why you didn't keep it. It shows off your figure beautifully Gail, and have you had your hair restyled? Anyway, look fab x


    1. The hair restyling was after I took these. I did like the dress but not getting much opportunity lately to wear dresses.

  10. These dresses fit you perfectly! Love the floral patterns too. So pretty!

  11. My pet hate - a dress that looks great from the front but restricts bra choice at the back! Such a shame as they are both gorgeous.

  12. What a pretty dress with a gorgeous floral print!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. You look amazing in both dresses, Gail, but I do especially love the one with the sleeves. Really accentuates your fabulous figure. That said, comfort is always key, and you ultimately know what works best for you. It's funny, sales people are always pushing bodycon dresses on me and I always avoid them. Don't want to have to suck my stomach in all night :)


  14. Wootwoo! Gai!! You look fabulous in this dress. It is very attractive on your figure and I love the style, it reminds me of a Ted Baker style as well. The gold mules are perfect with this look!
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  15. I really like the dress, it's a very flattering style and accentuates your fabulous figure. I can't abide shapewear - I bought some Spanx years ago but just don't feel comfortable in them, and they show a VPL. I think it shows if you feel uncomfortable in what you're wearing. I love your gold mules - I feel an M&S shopping spree coming on! Thanks for linking up, hope you have a great weekend :-)

    Emma xxx


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