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Wednesday 26 December 2018

Living Coral: the Pantone colour of the year for 2019

Pantone's color of the year for 2019 is a mellow coral with a golden undertone that "energizes and enlivens with a softer edge." It is neither orange or peach, but the color of a sunset. Living coral will be welcomed by many people who didn't like the color for 2018, ultra violet.
I won't be rushing out to buy living coral. I used to think that corals and peaches were my colors, but while I have a combination of both warm and cool characteristics, some colors are better on me than others, and coral was nicer on me when I was younger with dark hair and less pale skin. I do have a fleece in living coral, but mindful that Dame Joan Collins says that only a sheep looks good in a fleece, I won't share it with you.

Pantone's color predictions don't only affect the colors of clothes:  they also have an influence on home decor. Here are seven ways to use Living Coral in your home:
  1. Consider incorporating a pop of color. Instead of having it dominate, bring in Living Coral as an accent color.
  2. Consider pairing Living Coral with foundation colors such as charcoal gray, white, taupe and even brown.
  3. Introduce Living Coral through artwork, a great way to introduce the new “it” color into nearly any space.
  4. Target rooms that may not get much light. With its warm undertones, Living Coal can help brighten a space.
  5. Use accents and accessories from cushions to throws and rugs as an affordable way to introduce the color.
  6. Experiment with an accent color wall. Painting remains a go-to easy and affordable way to blend color into a space. Imagine a neutral color palette paired with a bold Living Coral accent wall.
  7. Purchase a statement piece in Living Coral. Whether it’s an accent chair, area rug or bold accent accessory, a statement piece can help ensure the color takes centre stage.

Living Coral home decor 

You may be keen to bring Living Coral into your wardrobe.  Here are some items which were already being sold before the Pantone announcement - hence many on sale. You can expect to see a lot more in the shops by the middle of 2019. If it's not a colour that suits you, think about it as an accent colour for bags, scarves or jewellery.

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  1. Ha ha, she site is right about fleece! I haven't got a thing in living coral. The colour is awful on me. I wish you a fabulous new years eve Gail!


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