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Wednesday 20 December 2023

Getting Shirty

 And #WowOnWednesday

A winter white look for Is This Mutton with shades of ivory and cream

Dear friends.  2023 was the year I got shirty.  In the UK, if you're shirty, you're fed up.  But I'm using it in the sense of.....wearing shirts.

I have had a few shirts in my life of course, but in the last 10 years I stopped wearing them because they did me no favours.  It turned out I was missing out, because shirts and blouses in soft and flowing fabrics are my friend. 

First, let's discuss the difference between a shirt and a blouse.

Typically, blouses don't feature buttons that go all the way down their fronts, while a shirt does (I had no idea!).  Additionally, the term "shirt" is non-gendered, while "blouse" typically refers to women's clothing. However, if my subject line was "Getting Blousey," that's another word with a different meaning in the UK! 

Why I Took Against Shirts and Blouses

Most of the shirts I'd been wearing, which had buttons all down their fronts, were made of cotton or other stiff fabrics.  I found I had to buy a bigger size to avoid "gapping" between buttons over the bust, and the rest of the shirt wasn't then fitted enough, plus I had a lot of bulk to tuck in.

Not a good look.

This all changed when I tried the Kettlewell Mandarin Spot blouse, which is in a lovely soft fabric, 100% Lenzing Viscose  (good for the planet too).  Well, a game changer! It's worn here in the summer, tied at the waist. 

A soft yellow and pink spot blouse convinced Is This Mutton that she could wear shirts and blouses in the right fabrics

As someone with the Gamine style personality, I've always liked the idea of neat collars. I decided to try a couple of M&S's current satin shirts. This is the Satin Collared Blouson Sleeve Shirt (sold out) which attracted me for its bright green colour. 

Green satin shirt worn with a peacock print skirt by over-50s blogger Gail Hanlon

Below an all winter-white look, with pearls.  The shirt is the M&S Satin Collared Long Sleeve Shirt in ivory, which is sold out in all sizes except 6 and 20 -24.  There's a bit of gapping in the placket, unfortunately, which means I've been wearing it with a jumper over it. But I should be able to sort that with a hook and eye.  

The chinos are also from M&S, jumper, old, from Asos. The recycled bead necklace came from @bijourebooted on Instagram. 

M&S's sizing is all over the place at the moment. I had to size down to an 8, which is strange because usually I go for a 12 or 10 in their tops. The chinos, which also came from M&S, are a 10 but really I should have bought an 8. I honestly don't think it's me getting smaller. 

Nothing was gifted for this post. 

How do you find blouses and shirts? Do you like a crisp cotton shirt? Or do you prefer softer fabrics? Do let us know in the comments.

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There was no #WowOnWednesday last week, for which I apologise. I had an exceptionally busy week and normally I would have teed up a post in advance, but too much rain meant I hadn't taken any photos. I hope you'll forgive me as I rarely skip a week.

Let Me Entertain You

There'll be plenty to read at Is This Mutton over the festive period.  Tomorrow it's the Tell Us About challenge  - do pop back for that. On Christmas Day, no less, the Style Not Challenge gals are Dressing Up for December.

There will be a new Wow post next Wednesday, when I'll be looking at style hits and misses of the year, and plans for next year's fashion and beauty posts.  On Friday 29th December I join the ladies of the southern hemisphere for a look back at December, and 2023. I'm also planning a fun Bloopers post for you.

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  1. I hardly ever wear shirts. Btw, didn't know that there was a difference so thank you. But I do like a preppy look that often containes a shirt.


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