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Wednesday 6 October 2021

Now for Good News - and Link-Up

 Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon in purple beanie and sweater from Kettlewell Colours

Hello dear friends.  This post is a last minute substitution. My original post focused on how hard it is being a woman right now,  in the context of a serving London police officer having murdered a 33 year old woman who was walking home. 

The post carried on with depressing news as I mentioned how I still wasn't back in the office yet because of the fuel crisis.  I decided to bin the post and search high and low for some good news. Plus, who cares about work wear. Here's a fun quirky, useless outfit.

A dressed-down look for a velvet skirt for Is This Mutton style blogger Gail Hanlon as she creates a monochrome purple outfit with white trainers

Why it's good to be a woman (sometimes we have to remind ourselves)

  • We live longer. We were born for longevity.  Women live on average 5 to 10 years longer than men, according to TIME.
  • We're smarter than men.  Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that women’s brains were approximately three years younger than men of the same chronological year on a metabolic scale. Plus, girls have overtaken boys in GCSE maths and A Levels.
  • Women have stronger immune systems. There's a microRNA on the X chromosomes in females that helps keep our immune systems strong. Fewer women have died of Covid than men.
  • Women handle stress well.  Science shows that the oestrogen / estrogen in women's bodies may help us handle stress very well. Men tend to react with a fight or flight response, while women will "tend and befriend," or reach out for social support.
  • Women hold on to memories longer. We are great at recalling details from early on in our lives. According to Business Insider, this may be due to the way we learned to tell stories when we were younger. 
  • We are definitely better at multi-tasking. Tests carried out at the HSE Neurolinguistics Laboratory in Moscow showed male and female brains respond very differently when faced with multiple challenges. Women’s brains react more quickly, which could give us the advantage in times of crisis.
A purple merino beanie adds an Abba-esque touch to a monochrome purple outfit for Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon

Research nuggets to give joy

  • Here's one close to home for me.  Cheese is good for the heart! The George Institute for Global Health in Sweden found from analysing 4000 blood samples that those with a higher rate of dairy fats had a lower risk of heart disease.
  • Tea drinking improves creativity. Research from Peking University showed that tea drinkers outperformed water drinkers in riddle games - and the good news was, it's not ghastly old green tea but good old black tea. 
  • You're never to old to start exercising. Even if you start exercising later in life, you'll still live longer, according to the University of Bern in Switzerland.
  • Some aspects of cognitive performance improve over time. The Dept of Neuroscience at Georgetown University found that the brain's ability to absorb new information and focus on what is important in a given situation seemed to grow sharper. 

Reasons to embrace autumn/fall and winter

  • The light can be spectacular in the morning as the low rising sun emerges through mist, as shown by one of my pictures from Epping Forest

  • The wonderful colours of fall 
  • The "northern lights" - aurora borealis - which can sometimes be seen in the north of England and Scotland, as well as in the Nordic countries
  • Winter fashions:  so much better with all that texture and layering:  velvet, cashmere, silk, tweed, plaid....
  • Boots are back in all shapes and styles
  • No need to worry about hair removal, pedicures or self tans. 
  • The return of popular seasonal drinks in coffee shops 
  • Bonfire Night in the UK;  Halloween in the US
  • Planting bulbs for spring, those harbingers of joy. Even if you're out in the rain doing it.
  • Cosiness, "hygge," as we snuggle indoors without any FOMO about being outside
  • Plan for a proper summer holiday.  Mr Mutton and I haven't had a Greek holiday since 2019 but we're booked for next July. I always book summer holidays early: it gives me something to look forward to.
  • Not being kept awake at night by parties and BBQs in neighbouring gardens  (I know, bah-Humbug!).
  • The garden rests.  After planting the bulbs, I don't need to be out there every weekend. 

Today's Outfit

Isn't the colour of my Ziggy sweater and merino hat, Jewel Lobelia, marvellous?  It's such a bright vibrant purple.  I was having a bit of fun with a try-on and decided to go for an "Abba-esque" look with my hat, and a monochrome all-purple look. I like to dress down the velvet skirt with trainers. It's very comfortable.  Sweater, beanie and skirt from Kettlewell Colours;  purple tight from Gipsy;  trainers - Stan Smiths. Tassel necklace from Etsy. 

Nothing was gifted for this post and no affiliate links were used.

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  1. Happy you liked my post most clicked. I love fashion and enjoy inspiring like minded people. This was such a fabulous and enlightening post. The all purple hue is so gorgeous. And I just love reading your thoughts on different subjects. Hope you are having the best week and enjoying October it’s one of my favourite seasons.


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