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Tuesday 5 October 2021

Sentence a Day: September 2021: Ducks, Pansies, Covid Scare

 A peaceful scene at Connaught Water, Eping Forest, with ducks

Weds 1 September

Mum not feeling well, thinks it may be Covid. Very worrying because although she's double vaccinated, she's 89 and very independent. She's been on the bus a few times and people aren't wearing face coverings.

Busy day.  Urban walk. Kettlewell's new range landed and ordered a few pieces in new colours carmine red and deep amethyst. 

Thurs 2 Sept

Woke up 4.30 worried about mum. Spoke to her. She has v croaky voice, bit breathless and has lost taste/smell. But otherwise sounds OK. I asked my brother to drop a Covid test round, which his wife did. 

Fri 3 September

Mum did test but was evasive when I asked if it was positive. Did a forest walk but mind too preoccupied to listen to podcasts. 

Sat 4 Sept

Mum did another test and admitted both were positive. She couldn't face up to it yesterday. I wanted to go down and stay with her but she was adamant I shouldn't. 

Short lived blue sky.  Did 5 mile walk wearing new sunglasses for 1st time.  Went to Epping and garden centre for compost and pansies. Watched film Let him go (Kevin Costner) - 6 out of 10. Dinner: lamb tagine

On a regular walk in Epping Forest: Gail Hanlon from style blog Is This Mutton

Sun 5 Sept

Dropped J off at High Beech for his session with the marathon runners.  He's leading a group of newbies each week but doesn't want to cover the long distances, so giving him a lift cuts out some of the mileage. Mum feeling a lot better. Thank God. 

Mon 6 Sept

Hot weather finally materialised. Did walk in forest. Started researching trips to the Northern Lights for my sabbatical month of November. My first choice, Sweden,  isn't admitting those from the UK.  Likely to get worse as the Covid case rates increase.  Reluctant to book anything. Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs

Tues 7 Sept

Remembering my brother, whose nickname was Snurgie Boy, who died in 2014 aged 60. Hot weather today. Did walk 4 .4 miles around Connaught Water, a man-made pond in Epping Forest.  Weeded and planted pansies. Dinner was Thai curry.

Weds 8 Sept

Very hot again! Booked car in for inspection. Busy day work wise but lots of noise with trees being pruned. Dinner: Quiche and salad

Thursday 9 Sept

Workout.  Cloudy, been raining in night. Three-day heatwave has ended. Ordered 2022 year planner.  Bought these dwarf gladioli. Dinner: Chilli. 

Friday 10 Sept 

Mum tested negative.  Big relief. Quiet day. Fish n chips for dinner.  5 mile walk, cloudy. Couple heavy showers during day

Sat 11 September

Cloudy with sunny intervals.  Went to two local shops which used to have collection boxes for the food banks, but both have gone. So did the walk to Tesco to drop off some supplies.  In the garden re-sited a deutzia shrub and planted salvia Amistad.  Watching The Morning Show series 1 again, to get ready for the new season. Dinner: macaroni cheese.

Sun 12 September

Fairly bright.  Wrote blog post. Left a box of stuff outside with the label "Help yourselves." Everything was taken.  Walked over to Rachel and Sean's for lunch, which was shepherds pie. 

Mon 13 September

Sean, whom we saw yesterday, has tested positive. Oh dear. We both did tests which were negative.  Dinner: spaghetti bolognese. 

Tues 14 September

Terrible weather.  Tested negative again before breakfast. Drove 25 miles to Jodie's to have hair done.  Rachel had a negative PCR test. Dinner: falafels and salad.   

Hair in foils for Is This Mutton blogger Gail Hanlon

Weds 15 September

Did a forest trail 4.2 miles. Fairly busy. My new 2022 organiser arrived from Fraser and Parsley. Dinner: Chicken coconut bowl, Cauliflower cheese

Thurs 16 September

Workout. Elton John postponed tour until 2023. We were supposed to be going at the end of November.  Had made all the arrangements for Liverpool. Aargh. 

Friday 17 September

J not keen to go to Liverpool without the concert and unfortunately tickets not refundable.  Sunny day, did forest walk.

Sat 18 September

 J accompanied me on part of my 5 miler via Yates Meadow. Sunny morning.  Then did housework.  Booked a 6 day stay at a new Fit Farms location in Devon, during my sabbatical month of November. Saw the 1st episode of new series of The Morning Show.  Slow start. 

Sun 19 September

Put a box of books outside for people to help themselves, but only one was taken! Did some product photography and wrote blog post after dropping J off at High Beech.  Roast chicken. Started When the Dust Settles  (Danish thriller). 

Mon 20 Sept

Forest walk. Saw a school photo being taken in one of the car parks near the forest. Air purifier came.  Going to use it in the dining room when we have a lot of people round at Christmas. 

Tues 21 Sept

Lovely misty walk with sun rising. New smart meter installed.  Saw John's brother who parked on our drive while Yvonne was at the opticians.

Weds 22 September

Autumn equinox.  All set for walk then remembered I had a 9am meeting with APAC.  Meant to do a walk later in the day but it never happened. The days getting darker sooner means I get to see the solar lights coming on in the garden. 

Thursday 23 September

Workout. Drove to Fulbourn near Cambridge to meet a former colleague for lunch. Sunny and warm. Very proud to be featured in Mummabystylish in the "At home with" series. 

Fri 24 September

Did walk, location units are back in the forest.  Had appointment with dental hygienist but when I turned up they said I didn't. When I got home I found the appointment card which showed I was right.

Sat 25 September

Did short walk with J around golf course. Cloudy.  Did shoot for our bloggers' challenge, Pretty in Pink.  Relaxing day. Watched film The Admission, 6 out of 10

Sun 26 September

Workout. Didn't do any blog photography but wrote a couple of posts. Roast beef

Mon 27 September

Wet walk!  Supposed to be going in the office twice this week as it has reopened properly:  Tuesday and Thursday. There are incentives to lure us back: free food from various trucks, free ice-cream. 

Tues 28 September

Supposed to be in office but petrol crisis caused by shortage of HGV drivers makes it difficult, as it's a 110 mile trip each time. A Huff Post freelance got in touch to ask for my views on beauty industry prejudice.  Happy to oblige.

Weds 29 September

Secured a Xmas Eve online shopping slot! Probably the first time ever. And Davina McCall liked one of my tweets. Amazing. John saw the small cattle on his run in the forest. I haven't seen them for ages. 

Thurs 30 Sept

Didn't go to office, still haven't been able to get petrol. Did longer walk than usual to try to see the small cattle (didn't). Had to hurry to get back in time for a 10am meeting. The pansies I bought earlier this month are looking good, at the front of the house. 

That was my September. October and November are birthday months with lots of activities, so come back for a more exciting account in four weeks' time! 

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